Educational facilities include daycares, preschools, primary and secondary schools, and college campuses and there is almost an endless amount of new things they all can do using RTLS to optimize various different tasks and operations, creating both a more efficient and more interactive school environment. RTLS solutions provide technology for a wide range of issues, from classroom equipment utilization to tracking students, visitors, staff, and valued assets (smart boards, TVs, projectors, laptops) or bus route management and student, teacher, visitor and staff safety. RTLS helps maximize the scarce funds and resources available to the educational community. Using precision locating system and other types of tags, organizations can leverage an existing Wi-Fi network to bring location intelligence wherever it is needed, inside or outside of the school walls—wirelessly and automatically. By using the RTLS solution, you enhance staff satisfaction and life safety always via technology, reduce emergency response times, access real-time staff locations during emergencies using the existing Wi-Fi network, maximize onsite security with accurate floor plan visualization, automate alerts when tags become idle or inactive, effectively manage bus routes, stops, pick-ups, and drop-offs and produce post-event reports with ease.

addressing education’s needs

There are many goals to be achieved within the walls of school spaces. Imagine being able to change the very dynamics of managing attendance, security, and emergency response by using very low-cost small warning signals devices. Well now you can. By safety probably being one of the most important issues of all, RTLS becomes now more necessary than ever. With violence and threats of violence on the rise, administrations are making great efforts to ensure that every student is in safe hands from opening to closing the bell. However, accidents during the middle school day may also create the need for immediate, on-site emergency notifications. Staff members wearing a staff tag with a button push may send a real-time alert to anyone on or off site, notifying them when and where assistance is required. RLTS provides direct location and individual information. This is delivered through multiple means of sharing, such as email, text, or mobile application. When this system is implemented, teachers or other staff members can stay with a sick child in a critical medical condition until help arrives. Visitor management is another crucial aspect. By tagging each visitor who enters your premises, if they enter areas of the school premises where they should not be, notification can be sent immediately to the notifying staff. Other RTLS solutions include resource management to ensure that certain electronics and equipment do not leave school, as well as environmental monitoring to set temperature limits for a region or room and to send alerts when the temperature exceeds or is below this limit. This also applies to refrigerators, lounges, storage areas and medication fridges.

RTLS Applications for Schools and Universities


RTLS reduces emergency response times by keeping students, teachers, and staff visible providing them with a direct lifeline assistance. Knowledge of an individual’s precise location during an emergency may reduce response times and help prevent more serious injuries. By giving its user real-time visibility into premises, staff, guest, teacher, and student locations, area wide security is immediately enhanced. When RTLS detects a suspicious motion, or an alarm is triggered in a location, texts, emails, and computer pop-up messages can automatically be sent to enable targeted communications for quicker situation resolution. RTLS is also used for mass communications, such as evacuation or lock-down alerts and if necessary, its custom configurations activate alarms when a tag holder exits or enters restricted zones. In addition, it can be customized to offer escalation notices, help acknowledgments, man-down alerts, automated evacuation reminders, and motion sensing alarms– with silent or audible options.

School Bus Tracking

RTLS can alert teachers and bus administrators if they are experiencing problems or threats. Knowledge of the bus’s position can contribute to the effectiveness of the route, the abandonment of an area if necessary and emergency situations on the bus in case which parents need to and will be notified. RTLS can be equipped with several sensors, so the system shall also be capable of transmitting data on the speed, direction, and direction of the bus and the opening/closing of the door and the seat-mark arm

Asset Utilization

From sports equipment to audiovisual equipment and computer stations, school resources must be well maintained and accessible. By using RTLS for asset monitoring, educational institutions and organizations can better understand utilization rates, maintenance calls, and schedule service rates, and identify missing components on the go.


Track the location of visitors, students, and staff on the school’s premises in real time via beacons and constantly monitor valued school assets via beacons that can easily be affixed or adhere to objects for better inventory management and theft prevention.


Assist people find their way around school premises and get to the correct room without struggling around the building.


Monitor students from the time they enter class until the time they leave.


Set real-time alerts when a person enters a restricted area or an authorized “personnel only” area


Notify only those within an area or close to it in case of emergency to avoid raising unnecessary alarm to the entire school and account for students and staff at mustering points during an evacuation drill or real crisis. Provide first responders and security personnel with a list of people who remain in affected areas.