WHAT IS RTLS FOR hopsitality

For hotels, regardless of type or size, safety and satisfaction of customers is the primary objective and with certainty, there is no other industry more dependent on that.

As much as price and amenities are often top-of-mind factors when customers choose a hotel, safety is ultimately still the prevailing consideration.

Hotels and resorts often face major challenges in creating safety and security for their staff members, guests, and equipment. In a setting where hundreds – often thousands – of people are gathered in one place, word travels quickly if a situation has escalated to the point of danger or the environment is not conducive to feeling safe. At the heart of keeping customers comfortable is ensuring staff members are in an atmosphere where creating a call for help can occur quietly. Another issue is that within large facilities with elevators and outdoor lounging areas, employees are having difficulty to live up to promises of cleanliness and swift, friendly service.

In these large-scale settings, ensuring a quick and accurate response when needed is not easy and it tends to become more difficult in a case of emergency, especially when employees or guests are frequently alone. It becomes clear that a mobile alert system is essential for the hospitality industry so that is why using RTLS to deliver this real-time notification via any communication device is at the heart of the 1SENSE solution.

Looking to provide a quality stay that exceeds expectations, our RTLS offers solutions within the hospitality industry that create a differentiating factor between competitive facilities. For example: Parents or guardians have peace of mind knowing where their children are, whether it be in the pool area or participating in additional activities on the resort grounds. With the press of a button, each child can notify staff and guardians of their exact location if they need assistance or facing an emergency.

In addition, assets can be tracked, and staff will be able to locate them instantly for immediate use, knowing where they are and when they are in use. This way RTLS guarantees saving your time and money.

addressing hospitality’s needs

Like any other large organization, hotels face business issues too. The automated monitoring and data gathering for the reporting and analysis of a facility’s processes allows hospitality executives and senior management to react quickly as well as to prevent obstacles related to elements such as: High Expectations of Customers, Customer Care, Asset tracking, Crowd Control, Compliance Reporting, Increasing costs, Cleaning Services, Readmission rates, Data collection, Equipment shrinkage, Capital Expenditures, Security Challenges, Staff and Guests safety and shortages.

RTLS Applications for Hotels


A sign that businesses are doing well is a bustling workplace. When a company thrives and production grows, it acquires valuable assets and equipment that occasionally can be lost in the shuffle, which is also evident when guests or other visitors leave the hotel premises. 1sense RTLS allows you to tag and track what is most important to you. You can maintain precise record of all expensive or frequently used equipment on your premises and thus reduce time wasted while searching instead of working, increasing productivity and efficiency that undoubtedly affect the result. Real-time custom reports help you see everything the way you want it, and result inventory replacement costs reduction, which becomes extra cash and generates growth.


The degrees of a thermometer may sometimes determine the success or failure of your business. The RTLS will activate the alarm to alert people when the temperature in an area (e.g. co drops above or below desired levels. In settings like hotels, inventory such as food or medication and facilities such as spa rooms, pool areas, water tanks, gyms and guest rooms require constant environmental monitoring because it only takes a few minutes or hours to be out of range. RTLS gives you confidence knowing that abnormal readings in fridges and freezers, or humidity levels, CO2 and air pressure in rooms can be immediately identified and remedied.

In industries such as hospitality, keeping the business within compliance standards can be a challenge especially when it comes to monitoring and logging temperatures in places like food freezers, mini bars or even medication refrigerators. 1SENSE’s RTLS ensures staff members no longer need to walk to each unit to record temperatures and mark it in compliance.

It is a system that quickly pays in time saving and inventory protection.


RTLS helps you improve the day-to-day running of your organization. In exceptional living and luxury care, our 1sense solution provides you with real-time data and reports that help you ensure your guests are receiving first-class experience. RTLS allow managers, staff, and anyone with permissions to receive real-time alerts, to monitor the motions of people and assets. With workflow, you now understand where time is being spent and identify bottlenecks so that customer satisfaction will increase. Your team will spend less time on inefficiency and more time at the service of guests and the hotel’s needs. Workflow not only creates direct benefit for customers, but staff members as well. Understanding natural workflows and analyzing reports related to that data provides insight on how long someone spent in a certain area performing certain tasks or activities. RTLS indicates how efficiently each work shifts are executed from start to finish. At that point, improvements can be made, and your organization can continue forward in its commitment to exceptional service.


RTLS ensures that urgent alerts reach the right people in short time, even if they are away from the premises. It allows alerts and notifications to be delivered to selected groups of recipients which can be received anytime, anywhere so you have vital information to immediate respond to emergencies if necessary. It offers you a custom interface which gives you in the palm of your hand the information you need that are pertinent to your daily routine or workflow. Viewing data, receiving notifications, finding equipment, or even adding notes to an out-of-range fridge or freezer are examples of the powerful information and service the RTLS brings to a hotel.


Operating your business knowing when your equipment is moving will make a substantial difference in the overall flow of your day-to-day business. Our RTLS allows you to know when something is moving and it shouldn’t be, it provides an immediate reference to where any tagged asset is at any time and helps you find a person closest to you when needed to help in cases of unexpected pick-ups or drop-offs. When it comes to your valuable people and assets you cannot leave security to chance. The RTLS adds peace of mind and efficiency to your business and helps you to manage equipment at multiple locations, eliminating wasteful backtracking. It lets you know if your necessary equipment is set up at the next location or when is going to be, also if a current location has the gear and equipment it needs or if anything has been left behind. RTLS ensures, you remain informed around the clock, no matter what stage of the job you are in.


Businesses are at their best when team members are comfortably focused on the job without distractions. 1SENSE has built its system to ensure staff members can discreetly alert of dangerous situations at the press of a button. Take efficiency to new heights with the tagging and locating feature, allowing staff members to use the strength of RTLS to quickly find valuable equipment or easy-to-lose tools, keeping them from roaming around the facility. In settings where hundreds – or even thousands – of people are gathered in one building and work never shuts down, word travels quickly if a circumstance has escalated to the point of danger or the environment is not conducive to safety. Shouting, beeping, or other loud alerts can make the situation even worse. Quiet calls for help are incredibly useful in those settings. Whether a potentially violent situation has emerged or an emergency with a fellow staff member or guest in the premises has happened, a silent, location-based call for help ensures that assistance can arrive quickly without bringing unnecessary attention to the situation. At the heart of keeping customers comfortable is ensuring staff members are in an atmosphere where creating a call for help can occur quietly to avoid anxiety, panic, or chaos to the other guests. RTLS keeps your staff moving at the pace it needs to make your operations seamless, giving customers the first-class experience, they deserve.